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​Find the right size – and fit – for you

Our garments are designed to fit your body like a gentle glove, so we’ve sized them accordingly. This means that even though they provide a firm hold, they're not tight like many regular underpants – which is actually the idea: no more red marks and uncomfortable tweaking! 

​We use the ‘low hip’ as a key measurement as this is often the broadest part of a woman’s body – depicted as the ‘hip’ on our lovely figurine. You can use this diagram in conjunction with a tape measure to find your size on the chart below or if you live in Australia, where the pants are made, you can use the Australian size indicators. 


More tips to help you choose

Not quite sure which size to choose? This might help: if you’re a size 14 and you think our size L (14-16) might be too big for you, fear not, it’s more than likely they will be just right. If you’re a typical 16, they’ll still be right – the stretchy fabric provides leeway either way. But if you’re a 16 heading for an 18, go for the XL, the next size up. Our theory is it’s better to be comfortable than feel restricted. Having said that, some ladies like a tighter fit and that is totally fine too. Either way, you'll come to know what suits you. 

If you still aren’t sure and you’d like to discuss the matter further before you make your selection, feel free to contact us. It’s important you choose carefully and responsibly – due to the fabric we use and the intimate nature of the product, we don’t provide refunds or offer to exchange underwear (Longerpants and Boyleg Briefs) that are not the right size. See the 'Please choose carefully' section below and our Returns policy for more information. 

What about fit? Is there a difference between the fabric used in the Longerpants Original and the new modal fabric?

​Yes, and no. We're aware the subject of fit is super-important when it comes to our foundational garments as the last thing any woman wants to feel is annoyed or irritated by something we wear every day.

So this is how it works: Longerpants Original are a relaxed-fit underpant and are designed to sit on your body like a comfortable glove. By contrast, the custom-made fabric we chose for our Longerpants Modal (and for our Luxe Leggings and Boyleg Briefs) has twice the amount of elastane for additional support and hold. This means two things:

1) The modal products will sit more snugly on your body. This is good news if you have a body that is ageing, tends to change shape and size or is carrying extra weight: you'll appreciate the extra hold.

2) If you have a less-than-regular shape, such as a larger tummy and slimmer legs or vice versa, they'll work better for you too – the extra stretch means they'll adapt to you. In other words, if you've worn Longerpants Original and found your body tends to 'push' the fabric around – or you have the same problem with other underwear – Longerpants Modal are the answer. 

If you're still not sure which is right for you, do contact us as we're only too happy to help. 

Are you choosing for a child?

The smaller sizes are more than suitable for girls from about age 4 and above, depending on the size and shape. XS is quite tiny!

More about sizes: How Victoria, Hummingbird Pie originator, chooses her size

“I want my underwear to be totally comfy – nothing tight or grabby – so I always buy a size larger
than my usual dress size. For example, at the moment I’m an Australian size 14 in most trousers, tops and dresses. However I’m fairly broad around the thighs, ribs and shoulders so I wear size 16 in underpants and bras. In Hummingbird Pie lingo that makes me more a size XL (16-18) rather than a L (14-16) so I go with the larger size. It’s about being honest about my body and what it needs, and not trying to squeeze into anything to satisfy any unrealistic expectations I might have.”

Size chart

On a mobile phone, tap on the chart and rotate your phone into landscape mode for a larger view.

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