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Shapewear you can bear to wear​


If you’ve ever tried to squeeze yourself into regular shapewear, you know it’s not easy. It doesn’t feel good either.


Our Longerpants Modal are the bee's knees of shapewear – and not only because you can actually get them past your knees.


They’re gorgeously soft, scrumptiously stretchy, hold you in all the right places and smooth lumps and bumps.


All that and no VPL under dresses and skirts.


And did we mention...

Artboard 1 copy 17.png

No thigh gap? No problem...


Ladies with generous thighs, relax. Longerpants to the rescue! No more thigh chafing plus soft, breathable fabric that helps you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Our unique double gusset is moisture-wicking and is designed to allow for extra wear where chafing occurs.

All about Longerpants

Longerpants were initially conceived to eliminate the discomfort larger-thighed ladies can experience when wearing skirts and dresses without a protective garment such as stockings or leggings: thigh chafing and rubbing and general discomfort.
They’re not just for larger ladies though – as awesome as they are for women with larger thighs – both in terms of eliminating the chafing dilemma and providing extra support for wobbly thighs – slim women and girls also enjoy them for their uber-supportive qualities.

Artboard 1 copy 12.png

Longerpants and Luxe Leggings – a match made in heaven

Want to lose the CST (Cellulite Show Through) and eliminate thigh wobble? Then this combo is for you. 


As the illustration shows, you can team these beauties together for extra comfort and hold. Double the fabric = double support. And the nature of the materials we use means they're cool in summer and warm in winter.

Want to know more about our Luxe Leggings? Read on here.


"I thought I knew what love was. I have been a devoted fan of Longerpants since the very first time I tried them on. As a wearer of frocks, dresses and skirts, these pants were the only thing to stop chafing thighs and keep me comfortable – especially in summer. 

I loved them... but I have just I tried the new Modal range! They have my grateful seal of approval – well done!  The new ones are everything I loved about the old ones, plus more. Still comfy, easy to wear, useful colours – but they seem to have a little more stretch and stay-ablity. I'm so glad I found your little caring company. Thank you for making such a great product!"

~ Nikki, Brisbane


In short (pun intended!) in the research stage we also found that:

  • many school-aged girls already wear bike pants or similar under their school uniform dresses or skirts (as well as their underwear) so they feel more protected – now they can wear an underpant and short in one

  • slimmer ladies also love the modesty and greater sense of protection Longerpants afford them when wearing shorter dresses and skirts – as do all ladies, regardless of size

  • some women love them as an extra layer under their dress pants, jeans or stockings in winter

  • they’re great under PJ pants or nighties when you’re on holidays with others or living in a share-house and would like an extra layer for modesty

  • they make super-comfy pyjama pants in summer

  • ladies and girls who are highly sensitive to the feel of fabrics and garments on their skin, especially ladies with delicate skin and stretch marks, love their no-elastic, wide-banded styling.

  • they are ideal for bodywork sessions such as massage or visits to the doctor where you know you’ll be required to be in your underwear

  • elder ladies love our Longerpants too because they feel good, provide extra support and additional warmth when needed, and

  • women who undertake strenuous physical work such as gardening appreciate the moisture-absorbing nature of the fabric – so too might ladies who are experiencing incontinence.​​

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