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All you need to know and more about Hummingbird Pie's underwear & activewear. Contact us  if you'd like a question of your own answered.  

  • Are Longerpants Modal shapewear?
    No – Longerpants Modal are not super-tight compression garments that are really hard to get in and out of and make you crazy hot and uncomfortable. Longerpants Modal are super-soft and stretchy yet firm enough to make sure you feel held and supported every day of the week. They work beautifully under dresses and skirts and are VPL (visible panty-line) free. They are great under flowy trousers too if you want extra hold and we super-recommend them with our Luxe Leggings if you want to reduce CST (Cellulite Show Through). And if you’re a lady with generous thighs, you’ll appreciate the anti-chafing superpowers of this amazing long-legged underpant. Their unique double gusset is specifically designed to allow for extra wear where generous thighs meet. Believe us ladies, Longerpants are lifesavers when it comes to walking around in comfort all day long.
  • Do I need to wear underpants underneath my  Longerpants?
    No – your Longerpants are your underpants. They just look a little different to the underpants you might be used to seeing and wearing. But they’re just as comfortable and wearable (we  would say more so) than your current pants and are designed for all-day use. Of course, you can choose to wear  your Boyleg Briefs under your Longerpants  Modal or Longerpants Original if you wish for extra warmth or support, or want to use them as shorts.
  • Can I wear my Longerpants with my Luxe Leggings?
    Yes! In fact we suggest you do exactly that to reduce Cellulite Show Through (CST) – a problem many of us worry about when it comes to wearing leggings. To reduce CST we recommend teaming them with our Longerpants Modal rather than Longerpants Original as the fabric we use for Longerpants Modal is thicker and has more elastane and therefore provide more of a smoothing effect. Our Luxe Leggings use the same modal fabric, so together they’re a winning combination when it comes to reducing CST. And don’t worry –  our fabrics are breathable and moisture-wicking, meaning you can wear your Longerpants Modal with your Luxe Leggings all year ‘round.
  • Is there a difference between the two types of women’s Longerpants?
    Yes, and no. This is how it works: Longerpants Original are a relaxed-fit underpant and are designed to sit on your body like a comfortable glove. By contrast, the custom-made fabric we chose for our Longerpants Modal has extra elastane  for additional support and hold.  This means two things: Longerpants  Modal sit more snugly on your body. This is good news if you have a body that is ageing, tends to change shape and size  or is carrying extra weight: you'll appreciate  the extra hold. Our pregnant customers love them! If you have a less-than-regular shape, such as a larger tummy and slimmer legs or vice versa, they'll work better for you too – the extra stretch means they'll adapt  to you. In other words, if you've worn  Longerpants Original and found your  body tends to 'push' the fabric around – or you have the same problem with other underwear – Longerpants  Modal are the answer. On the other hand, Longerpants Original are great for those days when you want a more relaxed fit. They also make great PJ or about-the-house pants in summer. If you're still not sure which of our Longerpants is right for you, do  contact us  as we're only too happy to help. 
  • What are your fabrics made from?
    Tree fibre, in a nutshell! The tree fibre, or cellulose, is processed in a way that softens it so it’s able to be turned into yarn. The yarn is then blended with elastane to create a stretchy viscose material. The viscose we selected for our Longerpants Original and Longerpants Kids was chosen for its delicious softness. Our Boyleg Briefs, Longerpants Modal and Leggings are made with super-soft modal blended with elastane for stretchy goodness. Modal is well-known, luxury, viscose yarn derived specifically from beech trees and our modal is crafted according to our specifications so you get the best fit and feel.
  • What about Longerpants Kids?
    Longerpants Kids use the same gentle fabric as Longerpants Original and are exactly the same in all other respects except size. Our XS and S Longerpants Kids will suit toddlers to young children and girls, depending on their size and shape. Older girls may need to graduate to Longerpants Original or Modal where sizes start at M (Australian size 10-12).
  • How do I care for my Hummingbird Pie garments?
    Our fabrics are delicate but long-lasting, and maintain their colour and wash very well. Of course, make sure you wash your lights, colours and darks separately to maintain colour integrity. For optimum life, follow the fabric manufacturer’s instructions on our care label. If you’ve removed the label the details are: Gentle machine wash in cold water, wash separately. Do not soak, bleach or wring. Dry without delay away from direct heat or sunlight. Do not tumble dry. Cool iron only. Dry cleanable. Note: the material we use is very soft. As with many soft fabrics, they could pill over time – softness and a tendency to pill tend to go hand-in-hand. How you wear your garments also influences the degree to which they pill. If pilling reaches critical mass, it could be time to refresh your wardrobe.
  • Where are your products made?
    All our garments are designed by our founder and made by a local firm in Hummingbird Pie’s home town of Brisbane, Australia. Our modal fabric is even woven by a local manufacturer! We love supporting local businesses – and now more than ever.
If you live in Australia, you can buy local too with Hummingbird Pie.
  • Why two types of Longerpants?
    You wanted Mid-Length Longerpants, so here they are! It’s the same Longerpants design, support and hold, but for shorter dresses and skirts or if you just want less coverage. Want to see how much shorter? Head to Our Products. Available only in Modal.
  • Why two types of Tank Tops?
    Sometimes you want a bit of extra support and hold, and sometimes you don’t. Our Tank Top Extra Support is made with Hummingbird Pie’s Modal with extra elastane so it gently shapes and smooths the upper body. Our Tank Top Relaxed Fit is for those days (or nights!) where you want a looser fit. See more in Our Products.
  • Why two types of material in our Pyjama Pants?
    Simple. We wanted to make Pyjama Pants that (like all our garments) are free of elastic bands that are either too narrow and pinch the skin or leave marks on the body. The firmer hold of our custom-made Modal-elastane fabric at the waist makes sure your Pyjama Pants stay in place, and the extra width in the band sits beautifully on the body.
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